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Our interactive products give, parents, caregivers and even teachers a wonderful tool for not only communicating with their children but also educating them and having fun all at the same time!

There are many benefits to teaching all children sign language at an early age deaf and hearing alike.

  • Communication barriers are broken down.
  • Hearing children and adults can communicate with deaf and hard of hearing individuals.
  • Children can communicate their thoughts and feelings before they've mastered verbal skills.
  • American Sign Language is being used in early literacy programs as a tool for developing letter recognition, sight words and basic vocabulary.

American Sign Language is a language and it supplements learning. Studies indicate that hearing children whose teachers use sign language score better on standardized tests for vocabulary development than those students not exposed to signing. One principal in NJ, at an early childhood center, stated that teachers are using sign language in their daily lessons. She believes having students make a sign when they say a word makes it easier for them to remember words because they can attach a mental image to simple words. A teacher in Los Angeles described her success in using sign language to help developmentally disabled hearing children read. Sign Language comes naturally to infants and children and it is thrilling to watch your baby use sign language long before they develop speech.


Many parents and caregivers have questions about teaching their child to sign.

News Articles

- Harrison resident's award-winning DVD series teaches sign language to parents, children (January, 2010)

If you are looking for more information or articles about the benefits of teaching sign language there are many resources you can find on-line when doing a simple search. Hope this helps!

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