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We received our copy of your signing DVD (Part I) yesterday. Wow, that was quick! Thank you. My son, my five-year-old grandson and I watched it together this morning. It's fabulous! You all did a wonderful job putting it together. Such beautiful children, yours and the others. It held Jarod's attention the entire time, and he practiced every sign. He also wanted to watch it again--and again! He wants Part II, and I'm going to place an order today on your website. Jarod intends to practice more and present what he's learned during Show and Tell at his pre-school. My best wishes for much success with your new endeavor. Your idea is terrific, as is the DVD.
- Joan, Canton, GA

My daughter Ella loves your video. She just turned 2 years old and has been signing ever since she started watching. She is totally mesmerized by the characters and images. She is involved in the video, practicing the signs and laughing throughout. Your videos are a great way to have fun and interact with my daughter while teaching her at the same time. We look forward to seeing more videos and products. "What a great idea…express yourself baby!!!"
- Samantha, Sewell, NJ

The DVDs are awesome! My son who is 4 years old and deaf himself loves watching the DVDs! He has watched them countless times! He also enjoys copying what the kids are signing in the videos. The kids do sign clearly and properly in the videos. Awesome!!!
- Regina, Philadelphia, PA

Santa brought my 10 month old daughter her DVDs. She already knows 4 signs consistently: bath, eat, cup, and all done! It is amazing what a tool your product is for language development! Thanks so much.
- Dr. Missy Peretti, Superintendent Harrison Township Schools
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